About Small Bright Pebbles

Welcome to Small Bright Pebbles, a blog which celebrates curiosity in all of its glorious forms.

We are curious creatures, aren’t we? That’s why Google is so wildly successful; we’re always on the hunt for something. Because you have found yourself here, it’s likely that you take more than a passing interest in discovering new nuggets of interesting knowledge or trivia. It’s great to be in such good company! Small Bright Pebbles is for people who share a love of knowledge simply for its own sake.

Small Bright Pebbles is an avid collector of quality gems of information and trivia. Please come back regularly to enjoy the pieces shared here. You can keep up to date by following Small Bright Pebbles on twitter, a free subscription via RSS or by signing up for email updates (in the right column of this page).

Who is behind Small Bright Pebbles?

Tracey at Small Bright PebblesHello, my name is Tracey and I am a longtime trivia addict. But it’s only recently that I transformed my interest and became a collector of trivia.

I am a graphic designer and former journalist who began blogging in 2008. I quickly realised that blogging is most effective when you write about something for which you have a consuming passion and so, in 2009, the idea for Small Bright Pebbles was born. Business and family commitments meant that it was another two years before the first shiny pebbles went on display, right here.

I share my love of learning and discovery with my family, including my two young children. But it will come as no surprise that my trivia addiction was recognised by my family long before I acknowledged it myself; no one will challenge me to a game of Trivial Pursuit or similar board games anymore!

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