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How to Dazzle the Enemy

Trying to camouflage an aircraft carrier is about as hard as it gets. So do you make an enormous piece of military hardware ‘disappear’ into its surroundings? How about doing the exact opposite and cover it in an array of wildly contrasting colours and bold patterns, making it completely unmissable?

It’s a technique which was used on naval vessels in both World Wars, going by the unlikely name dazzle camouflage. Continue reading

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Space Food: Not Without My Kimchi

If you think airline food is bad, spare a thought for astronauts on space missions and how they eat and drink in close to zero gravity conditions. One of the trickiest foods prepared for space travel so far has been the spicy Korean dish, kimchi. Continue reading

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Would vineyards on the moon look like this?

This amazing, pock-marked volcanic terrain looks like a landscape from the moon or another planet. It’s hard to imagine a stranger place to find a vineyard. This is La Gería, on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, and grapes are cultivated here in a very unusual way. Continue reading

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